Staff and management

GCER is hosted by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, who employ our staff directly and provide support for admin, finance and volunteer coordination, in addition to sharing office space. Whilst functioning as a department of the Wildlife Trust, GCER also liaises with a range of external stakeholders who have a unique input into the policy and management of GCER. These include representatives from local planning authorities, national conservation agencies, commercial data users and local wildlife and geology experts.

Andrew, Rob & volunteer Peter working in the GCER office on a quiet day.

Our Team

picture of Linda Moore in front of a shelf full of ID guides

Linda Moore
Development Manager

Responsible for Service Level Agreements, data policy, advanced GIS and database development, website development, GCER strategy, NBN Atlas uploads, cake & biscuits.

picture of Rob Curtis

Rob Curtis
Biodiversity Information Officer

Main contact for commercial data searches, also data entry, advanced GIS mapping, reporting, volunteer data entry, plant and animal ID and record validation.

picture of Andrew Leach looking outdoors-y

GIS Assistant

This post is vacant following Andrew's retirement at the end of June. Watch this space!

GCER Volunteers

We couldn't run GCER without the help of our fantastic volunteers!

Some stay and contribute for years, others work on a specific project for a fixed time, or help us when they've got a few days spare. Some return for a few days, year after year. All are invaluable for helping to keep up with the neverending tasks of data entry, document scanning and map digitising that go to make up our unique information resource. More about working with GCER.


(in no particular order! Hover or drag over the list to stop it scrolling)

Bill Francis - many years' experience of all sorts of data entry, GIS and deciphering recorders' erratic handwriting!
Cathy Booth - data entry, planning checks, GIS, digitising both historic and recent habitat survey
Helen Belton - entering historic bird records, record checking and data imports
Rawson Bradley - scanning archive documents, Key Wildlife Site administration
Steve Satterthwaite - entering historic bird records
Ant Hird - entering historic bird records, entering nature reserve management information onto CMSi
Howard Peacey - entering nature reserve management information onto CMSi
Grace O Donovan - digitising recent Phase 1 Habitat Survey
Zoe Ashbrook - maintaining the Key Wildlife Site database
Lucy Warner - entering historic bird records, digitising old habitat survey
Alex Bye - entering historic bird records, scanning documents
Chris Bell - extracting bat records from planning application data, data imports
Stephanie James-Melling - digitising Phase 1 Habitat Survey
Julia Morrison - digitising habitat survey, entering historic bird records
Andrea Bankes - entering historic bird records
Tina Creed - entering historic bird records
Charlotte Scrivens - digitising old habitat survey
Samantha Cheater - digitising old habitat survey