Please note: we're unpacking our archives into the newly-refurbished Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust headquarters at Robinswood Hill Country Park from 22nd September. GCER and GWT staff will still mostly be working from home but we will soon be in the office at least once a week. We're also catching up on annual leave after a busy year so far - please bear with us as we'll have fewer staff doing core work for a couple of weeks.

Our direct phone line is 01452 389950 and email addresses will still be checked as usual.
Please refresh this page often for further updates.

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Find our wildlife information online

You can get wildlife distribution information - suitable for basic research - free of charge from the National Biodiversity Network. You don't need to make a special request: thousands of species records are available to anyone with a free NBN registration. Click here to go to the NBN Atlas website.

a poorly owl

Wild animal rescue

Local Records Centres often get called by people wishing to help stranded or injured wild animals. In fact, we are not animal rescue organisations and can’t take in injured wildlife. If in doubt about what to do with injured wild animals or birds, the Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre website has useful advice, as do the RSPCA, other local animal sanctuaries and some local vets.

ammonite fossil

Geological data

Whilst we do keep details of some geological sites, e.g. RIGs sites, the primary geological records centre for the county is based at the Gloucestershire Geology Trust. We recommend contacting them directly for geological records and expert advice.

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