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2013 Bioblitzes - a roaring success despite some dodgy weather conditions. Bioblitz results, info and links >>

Online species recording with Living Record - launched this year. Details >>

State of the Natural Environment report 2012 - Brownfield sites - can now be downloaded >>

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        Register here to tell us you’re taking part, then               tweet away, using the hashtag #glosducks.                   These records can be analysed, searched and                      added to our sightings database.

For help with duck ID, check out the Wildlife Trusts’ Species Explorer  - or the RSPB species info pages here

Seen any fluffy ducklings lately?

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust are trialling a new way of collecting species records by using a Twitter hashtag. Ducks are the guinea pig! It’s an excuse to get out to some parks and nature reserves when the wildlife’s looking its cutest.

Invasive pond plants banned from sale

A new law comes into effect from 1st April, banning sales of five problematic pond plants. For some years it has been illegal to cause these to grow in the wild - but not to sell them in garden centres. These have provided a source of new introductions from unsuspecting purchasers.

If discarded into the wider environment the “infamous 5” can become an expensive nuisance to people and a threat to native aquatic species. Plants, animals and fish get crowded out and/or literally suffocated by the volume of plant growth.


  More info >>

Photo ©Joel Kempson | Dreamstime