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The latest State of the Environment report: Hedgehogs - is now available! download here >>

State of the Natural Environment report 2015 - Wild Daffodils - can now be downloaded >>

State of the Natural Environment report 2014 - Invasive species - can now be downloaded >>

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Grab a Glos Grid Reference!

Our online grid reference finder maps are proving popular. We have now upgraded them so that they use the latest version of Google Maps and Ordnance Survey Open Data; they also have better map storage. Hopefully they will load faster and be more stable to use as a result! Click to see the map>>

Our maps are based on the Grab a Grid Ref maps on the Bedfordshire Natural History Society website.

Our version is tailored for Gloucestershire and features GWT nature reserve outlines. It has also been updated to be used on mobile devices with GPS.

The Last Hedgehog in Gloucestershire?

Following the launch of The Wildlife Trusts’ hedgehog campaign last year, over 1000 records have been received for hedgehog sightings in Gloucestershire alone. Preliminary findings have helped GWT to create their latest State of the Natural Environment Report - download it here.

The online survey is still running, but will be out of action for part of August due to changes to the GWT website - apologies. However, we’d still like your records! Please let us know your sightings! >>