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Invasive pond plants banned from sale

A new law came into effect from 1st April, banning sales of five problematic pond plants. For some years it has been illegal to cause these to grow in the wild - but not to sell them in garden centres. These have provided a source of new introductions from unsuspecting purchasers.

If discarded into the wider environment the “infamous 5” can become an expensive nuisance to people and a threat to native aquatic species. Plants, animals and fish get crowded out and/or literally suffocated by the volume of plant growth.

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Grab a Glos Grid Reference!

Many recorders will be familiar with the   Grab a Grid Ref maps on the Bedfordshire Natural History Society website.

BNHS web developer Keith Balmer  kindly provides the code to be used by others who want to have a locally-distinct grid reference finder map on their site. Our version can be used on mobile devices with GPS.   Check it out>>